When Brooks Brothers opened, it built its business on the back of one garment: the oxford cloth button-down, or OCDB. But since its heyday, the iconic Brooks OCDB has changed; a lot, and not for the better. Enter Yoshio Sadasue and his dedicated shirt store Kamakura.

From A Continuous Lean:

The Kamakura story is one that has become curiously familiar over the past few years – a Japanese style aficionado, in this case Yoshio Sadasue, decides to convert his love for the “East Coast look” into faithful reproductions of archetypical Ivy League garments. This tale is unique though, because Sadasue was not merely raised on the Ivy look, he helped to shape this style in Japan through during his time at the legendary (and yet elusive) trad brand VAN Jacket in the sixties and seventies.

Sadasue founded Kamakura in 1993 with the simple goal of crafting a shirt that could match the standards of an original Brooks Brothers oxford, a shirt that Brooks was now seemingly incapable of making themselves anymore. Using Japanese factories, ultra soft cotton, and the sacred specs of the original OCBD, Sadasue was able to recreate that much beloved shirt right down to the all important collar roll.”

In New York, Kamakura is open at 400 Madison Avenue, alongside other storied American brands like J. Press.

[Via A Continuous Lean]

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