Booker & Dax, an experimental cocktail bar in the East Village, is flashy and cool in that way specific to tastefully-appointed downtown cocktail bars; the brick-and-mortar manifestation of the glittery nightlife crowd it exists to serve. But beneath the pretty exterior pumps the heart of a nerd.

In 2011, Dave Arnold, creator of the French Culinary Institute’s Culinary Technology department, partnered with Momofuku’s David Chang to create innovative kitchen equipment for home and professional cooks. Thus was formed Booker & Dax, a food laboratory named after Arnold’s two sons, that just happened to manifest itself also as a cocktail bar leading the way in drink innovation (see: bottled Manhattans and liquid nitrogen Daiquiris). But the lab side of Booker & Dax is about to have its moment in the sun with the impending release of its first commercial product: the Searzall.


From the Searzall Kickstarter page:

“The Searzall is a revolutionary hand-held cooking tool for the professional and home cook. It gives you the power of raw fire but also the ability to moderate and control that power. It’s a carefully engineered attachment that fastens onto a common blowtorch and shapes and moderates the torch flame to make it far more cooking and flavor-friendly. The Searzall puts the power of a bed of hot coals in the palm of your hand –instantly.

Carry it to a picnic, a catering event, or your mom’s house at the holidays and be searing in seconds. Whether you are cooking a fish at the beach, toasting the cheese on a burger at a cookout, fixing up the holiday roast, or finishing off that 6 hour sous-vide rib-steak, the Searzall will be your buddy.”

Click through to the Kickstarter to read more about the creation process and potential applications, from perfectly reheating pizza to toasting s’mores in the park.

[Image credits: The Searzall on Kickstarter]

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