Sometimes fashion meets function in a very direct way. That was the case when Garrison Bespoke, a men’s custom tailor, designed the bullet proof three piece suit. The special fabric used in the suit is comprised of carbon nanotubes. The synthetic fabric has extraordinary resilience for its light weight, making it ideal in creating a suit that is both protective and comfortable to wear.

Layers of these protective sheets are sewn into the lining of the front and back of the suit. When in action, the fabric is able to withstand up to .45 caliber rounds. The layered system hardens on impact, absorbing the brunt of the kinetic force. While still painful, bullets that strike the fortified area are a significantly less lethal threat.

Bulletproof Suit on CityNews

“Obviously, nothing out there is going to make it so that it’ll be enjoyable to get shot,” said David Tran, Garrison Bespoke’s head of special projects. “But with our suit, if you happen to get caught in a gunfight, you’ll at least look great running away.”

[via Smithsonian Mag]

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