motorola neck tattoo

The media has been set ablaze with the implications of what it could mean. A patent applied for by Motorola suggests that either they intend to develop ink embedded peripherals themselves, or believe that someone else might. While the idea may seem far fetched and extremely intrusive, this kind of technology could be considered more normal in the not so distant future.

Of course, there are reservations many people today will have. Namely, having a peripheral that may be hacked into by those wishing to spy on us (ahem). Those more willing to accept that their privacy will be invaded whether they like it or not could jump at the chance to become a cyborg.

In practical terms, while Motorola suggests this wearable technology will improve the sound, they don’t seem too concerned with it’s fidelity. As sound moves more quickly through the human body, lowering the frequency, and sibilance is formed within the mouth, many details are likely to be lost by a microphone tattooed to the larynx. It’s also unlikely to help in terms of finding a new job.

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