Pixelstick – Levels Up Light Painting


Light painting has been a popular form of artistic photography since its first known use in 1889 by Georges Demeny. This new design by Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan from Brooklyn’s BitBanger Labs invites artists and photographers to step up their luminescent game. The Pixelstick utilizes 198 full-color RGB LEDs to display digital images created in photo editors, line by line.

light-1 light-2 tYycgCv hdkBCgMh c61338c6c763812a1d6ab78515ad8a41_large cee58879625fb9495d45753dd8c7e257_large pixel-1 pixel-2

The images used may be 198 pixels tall (due to the number of LEDs), but has no limit on it’s width. Recently launched on Kickstarter, you can be one of the early adopters if you help them reach their target.

[via Colossal]

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