How many significant innovations to the design of a bicycle have been made over the years geared towards your average commuter? Most updates to the classic design involve making them lighter, easier to ride, or in some cases, let you attach your feet directly to the pedal powered vehicle. Few, however, have addressed the lack of storage space. Rack attachments are limited in what they can fit, and many commuters still wish to travel with full sized backpacks. This necessity of storage would find it’s answer in a previous invention that has found little practical use thus far: The hubless wheel.


Technically, it does still have a hub, but it is nearly as large as the tire itself, and driven by a specially adapted chain. The free space is then able to be used to install a trunk for bags of any size, and whatever else you can think of bringing along on your bike ride. This is exactly what students from GeorgiaTech thought, and for an 8-week project, the “Transport” concept bike was created.


While the construction is more expensive, requiring special parts and higher precision machining, they were confident that many commuters would shell out the extra dough for easy access storage on their bikes.

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