Music that makes you think a little more. Part 1/3 – Slugabed


Now that most everyone in the first world is privileged enough to have a smart phone, all having access to a standardized music device like an iPhone and a pair of complimentary earphones (which work fairly well), it is difficult to remember that the sound you hear changes with the equipment you use.

There used to be a lot of diversity in the equipment that we own (Pioneer, RCA, even Panasonic.  Aiwa?).  Now we have very large electronic manufacturers consolidating and dominating in every product specialization,  the diversity in recognizable makers diminishes, leaving us with a handful of oligopolies. Our lives are becoming ever more efficient due to highly sophisticated product standardization but at the same time, homogenized and muted.  We also start to forget that things could taste just a little bit better – for example, you could actually hear things in more detail when you use a more sophisticated device that is made to reproduce sound accurately. And when that moment happens, you are not just listening to melodies or beats, you are listening to actual instruments and vocals. Sometimes of people singing songs that actually mattered, to them and their audience. It makes you think a little more to understand what the artist is trying to reproduce and represent. Though this pertains to sound, it goes without saying that having the right, tailored tool lets you discover, rediscover, and stay refreshed from the mundanity we see and experience all around us, everyday.  Having the right tool gives you the ability to analyze and examine products/subjects in detail so you can choose and formulate your own opinion.

Coming back to Sunday Music Day, we use this as our outlet to discover.  And music is an universal language that can be communicated.  We appreciate music that makes us think a little more because (with a good pair of headphones, an required tool) you start to see the art that is embedded within the grooves. Welcome to the Part 1 of our short music series: “Music that makes you think a little more” – Slugabed. Simple, expressive, imaginative, 23 year old Slugbed’s “Sex” (MV above) gives you an interesting musical journey with slappy synth bass riffs until, in the middle of the song (first transition at 1:23, second at 2:36), the progression suddenly switches to a complete different dimension.  The change is much welcomed, because it is different and smart, and works perfectly with this track.  When you are led by the song anticipating for the next transformation you start to “experience” what you hear.  And that is how we should enjoy music from time to time.  The music video is not as formidable as the original track but is equally crafted in its own production.

Find a good pair of earphones, play the track without doing much, even if you don’t particularly like electronic music, give a “listen.” Then try it with your own favorite song.  Stay tuned for the next development of even more sophisticated and surprising musical transformation and creativity.

Bonus: If you actually like what you heard, try:
Slugabed – Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
Slugabed – Moonbeam Rider

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