In a delightful combination of physical interfaces, music theory, and arduino, Luisa Pereira has created a series of synthesizers. ‘The Counterpointer’, ‘El Ordenador’ and ‘La Mechanica’ were programmed on the popular arduino platform for her thesis as an ITP Research Fellow at NYU Tisch.

‘The Counter Pointer’, seen above, uses  a counterpoint algorithm adapted from cfgen designed to take a melody input, and respond with voices that follow the rule of counterpoint.

El Ordenador generates a random melody, which is then processed by internal software to follow tonality based on Dmitri Tymoczko’s “A Geometry of Music”. It also creates punched cards which can then be used by La Mecanica to play back the melody.

Through these devices, we are given a greater understanding of how music is shaped.

[via Creative Applications Network]

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