The fourth iteration of the Digital Harinezumi has recently made it’s retail debut in the United States. The Digital Harinezumi 4 now has the most intuitive and user friendly feature the previous models didn’t ; recharge-ability. They were all, however, very charming cameras. Each of which lending it’s own flavor to the pictures and videos they produced. From music videos, to feature length films, this camera has been everywhere. Let’s step back in time with the Digital Harinezumi from the begining.

The Original Digital Harinezumi

The original Harinezumi had no sound recording, and so we give you this silent film. Keep watching for the 1:51 mark.

Digital Harinezumi 2

There were several iterations of this model, and it was incredibly popular among musicians and film makers alike. Many of which used it to shoot mellow music videos.

Digital Harinezumi 3

Among what was changed in the last iteration of the Digital Harinezumi, this feature makes the most use of the various color filters.

So, we’ll be waiting on all of you to make the next Digital Harinezumi sensation. Show off your retro photo skills. Currently the Digital Harinezumi 4 is available at AC Gears both in store and online.

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