West Palm Beach
If you’ve noticed that for the past couple of weeks there wasn’t much activity, first, I’d like to thank you for regularly visiting Geddem! Secondly, it was largely due to my taking a well earned vacation. Where did I go? Two weeks were spent in one of the media’s favorite states. That’s right, I went to Florida. Not all of my time was spent shirking my responsibilities (as much as I would have liked to). Seeing an opportunity, I borrowed one of the more popular cameras at AC Gears, the Bonzart Ampel (featured in WSJ).
By Leah Carrero with Bonzart Ampel
When I left NYC, I was unfamiliar with tilt shift photography. Armed only with the advice to “Take pictures from high places”, I made my way far south of the Mason-Dixon. Unsurprisingly, Kissimmee Florida was incredibly flat – lacking in tall structures from which to test out the lovely Japanese camera. I was not, however, dissuaded. Dozens of pictures later, here is a small taste of my Bonzart Vacation.
If you know much about the Bonzart Ampel, you know that it also takes video! Keep an eye on the youtube channel ACGearsTV for the upcoming footage.
The short URL of the present article is: https://wp.me/p3KoEv-1Ad

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