Smart watches are among the most recent, as well as one of the coolest trends in the tech world, today. For years, people have wanted watches that can do more than just tell the time. Mostly due to the seductive way action and sci-fi presents this gadget – From James Bond to the Power Rangers we’ve seen this technology for decades without any way to get our hands on it. Well, that’s all changed.

Several smart watches have been released recently, but one that’s had plenty of attention is the COOKOO. They keep it simple, and more importantly, affordable. Notifications will be more present, making sure you never miss a call (or leave your phone somewhere). You can also use it to remotely take photos with your phone, or check in with the touch of a button. With it’s beautiful construction, long battery life (in terms of smartwatches), and sweet price (129 USD) we’re glad it’s finally available to buy.

[via AC Gears]

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