Tech advancements go hand-in-hand with with design, because after all, everything surrounds our lives.  How can a new innovative product succeed if it clearly lacks an appealing and useful design direction?  If you center the theme around “life,” you start to see how even a small improvement in functionality or design of a product we use, or the space we live in, can improve the overall quality of “life.”


Not generally our realm of expertise but we found Casa Serpiente, or “Snake House,” created by 51-1 Arquitectos, a young Lima, Peruvian practice decisively stunning!  A modern, concrete home that is built around 25 trees.  Follow the link below and see how this grounded modern tree house lets nature breath while incorporates the owners lives intimately with nature.  We would, though, love to also see some solar panels or green energy at work.  Then add a few automated robots, this project would be truly complete!

[ via Dwell, Photo by Cristobal Palma]


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