These luminous works of art were created by California based designer Roxy Russell, calling attention to the environment below the surface of the ocean. The mylar and alluminum crafted lights have an ethereal feel to them. We think they look like jellyfish ghosts, which certainly gets the point across on how our continuous waste is harming the deep blue sea.


Specifically plastics, which the pieces themselves are made of. “We must, however put more thought into how disposable it is, and it’s role in our everyday lives. For example, we know we need to drink water everyday in order to survive, why are most people still using disposable containers to hold their water? It’s such a new thing too, for centuries we had canteen’s, animal skins etc, to hold our water. Now, we forget so easily that we are creating this waste every time we need to hydrate!” Roxy Russell reminds us that plastics, while a wonderful material, must be used more wisely.




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