Sigur R

Always good for sweeping tracks that are equal parts sorrowful and grandly uplifting, Sigur Rós has released a video for their track “Varúð.” Having previously used one of photographer Ryan McGinley’s images for the cover of one of their albums along with creating a video inspired by his work, the […]

Thrill Murray

We all know Bill Murray, we all love Bill Murray, and wouldn’t we all like to color Bill Murray? Of course! Enter Thrill Murray, a new coloring book being released by Belly Kids, which gathers a bunch of sketches of this most refined gentleman drawn by a varied group of illustrators, […]

Nom Wah Movie

Nom Wah, one of my favorite dim sum spots in Manhattan Chinatown, and the city’s oldest, will now be the setting/subject of a movie that begins shooting this summer – not a documentary, but a full-on movie-movie, with a plot that involves four distinct stories, eventually intersecting as the various […]