In terms of bizarre, laborious projects involving needlessly complicated simple tasks, this ranks right up there — but, still, you’ve got to respect the nerdy artistry at work here (or just kind of gape at it, like, ‘Weird,’ but, hey, we all love gadgets, right?). Plus, it’s Björk. Speaking of needlessly complicated, Q. How do I get the umlaut over the ‘o’ in Björk? A. I copy and paste it from somewhere else. Q. But how did they get it there? A. Um, magic?

So the deal with this gravity harp, created, maintained and operated by a master’s student in the M.I.T. Media Lab is that it was conceived by Björk to be used in a song she had written about the planetary orbits. So she gave him the words ‘gravity harp,’ and he came back with this: a giant thing comprised of harp strings and dumbbells that operates based on the back-and-forth swing of pendulums. Try and figure out its secrets as you watch the video above.

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