Manhattan Borough President visits MakerBot

We’re happy to see MakerBot making new fans! The L Magazine shares a video of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer taking a tour of the MakerBot factory in Brooklyn and explaining his excitement over the prospect of small-scale, high-tech local businesses pumping new life into the neighborhood. “(We’ve gotta start) […]

Grimes – “Oblivion”

By all accounts, Claire Boucher, with her musical project Grimes, seems to be shaping up into this year’s most-adored new punk chanteuse — punk in spirit, certainly, if not purely in her music, which shoves bouncy 80s synth-pop and Cyndi Lauper-ish melodies through some dark, industrial corridors to create something […]


Speaking of Björk, here’s her video for “Hollow” off of Biophilia, which employed the aforementioned gravity harp. The song is pretty haunting and weird — Björky, if you will — and the video, a collaboration with a biomedical animator, goes along with that just dandy. Watch the DNA strands float […]


In terms of bizarre, laborious projects involving needlessly complicated simple tasks, this ranks right up there — but, still, you’ve got to respect the nerdy artistry at work here (or just kind of gape at it, like, ‘Weird,’ but, hey, we all love gadgets, right?). Plus, it’s Björk. Speaking of […]