AC Gears going to Engadget Meetup

In New York, it’s all about the HIPsters. That’s because they are everywhere. We do believe that AC Gears, as a retail store caters to both Hipsters AND Geeks. Now, we are honored to be the only boutique retail store that was invited by Engadget to attend their Reader Meetup this Thursday, August 25th, 2011. There will be many big names at the show/exhibit – Sharp, RIM, AT&T, HTC, Samsung. While new phones and big TV’s are what we all care about, they do get a little tired to see them at a show besides CES. So we will step it up with our very own indie gadgets. That’s right, we will go underground and hip at a geek tech show – giving away Voltaic Converter Backpack, the world’s first speaker headphones, Nooka watches and apparel, as well as tossing in a couple AC Gears Gift Cards in the raffle giveaway. Thanks to our vendors and sponsors, we will represent and rock the show! Come visit us at NYC’s Guastavino at 6pm (come early, they are expecting 1K visitors and the line will be long!).

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