Over the years, The Muppets have added a fair bit of levity and charm to pop songs of all stripes – in recent memory, they popped up in an outdoor performance of LCD Soundsystem’s “Dance Yrself Clean” and lent a bit of whimsy to Kanye, Jay and Nikki’s “Monster.” But have we forgotten that the Muppets themselves have always been straight-ahead, irony-free, and we loved them all the more for it? Not to mention, they’ve had an impressive catalog of songs written specifically for and performed by them – songs that hit on simple truths and pure feelings.  The Green Album celebrates the ongoing legacy of the Muppets, with a slew of performers contributing their covers in tribute: Alkaline Trio, ripping through the bouncy “Movin’ Right Along,” Weezer performing “Rainbow Connection,” and Andrew Bird reminding us of the small-yet-big beauty of “Bein’ Green,” a ballad that should endure. Here’s to you, Kermit.

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