Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire and Google Maps collaborate on a new interactive video created by Chris Milk. Type in the address of your home and, if Google Street View and Google Maps have enough data on the area, you’ll find it incorporated into the video.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this video based on that description. I took the suggestion to enter the address of the home where I grew up (definitely a classic suburban town, in keeping with Arcade Fire’s theme) but Google didn’t have enough data on my hometown, a smallish one in Iowa. So instead, I went with the house I lived in during college, also in Iowa but in a slightly more metropolitan area. The result was something totally unexpected. If you’re interested in seeing what music videos have the capability to do in a post-TRL era, you need to give this a try. Go to The Wilderness Downtown, and make sure you’re using Google Chrome.

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