Mashanda Scott

Mashanda Scott’s sculptures take everyday objects – functional, useful objects – and makes them floppy and useless. On her site, she explains that a thick, faux-suede material suits most of her needs when lovingly re-crafting familiar objects like a bicycle or the workshop-type stool above. By taking away the function, […]

Colour Mania

Colour Mania is a deep exploration of colors by those who have devoted their lives to them. How do you match color with words and letters? With sound and feeling? Designers of all stripes contributed to this 300-page book with their own celebrations and visual musings on color, across the […]

Teen Daze

Teen Daze is a bedroom producer who’s been keeping a pretty low profile, gradually getting his name out there by posting tracks to his Tumblr and reworking tracks by artists like Washed Out and Twin Sister. With work of this quality, you can’t help but pay it serious attention. Take […]

Max’s Story

Kitsune Noir points out a cute little clip put together by some fans of Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. The video illustrates, in clever charm, the story that Max tells his mother near the beginning of the movie about vampires and buildings. I remember thinking at the time […]

OC x Fj

Opening Ceremony knows how to add just a little spice for the downtown crowd. This recent team-up with Swedish outdoor/mountaineering brand Fjällräven is good for both – a little splash of youthful color to brighten up an old classic, and a trusted brand to lend extra credibility. Plus, they look […]

A Swedish Love Story

Immediately after hearing about a new Owen Pallett EP coming out in September titled “A Swedish Love Story,” I see also that the nostalgic-sounding Summer Camp have released a video for their single “Round the Moon,” featuring beautiful, throwback footage taken from the 1970 film “En kärlekshistoria.” In English, it […]