For you kids who love the look and feel of a vintage, light-leaking camera but feel hassled by the thought of having to drop film off at the processing lab, this one’s all you. Don’t get confused – it’s still the Holga, for all intents and purposes. Like its analog predecessor, the Holga-D cuts out all the bells and whistles burdening traditional cameras.

The appeal of the Holga design is in how welcoming it is to novice and pro alike – its bare-bones simple invitation to hold it, point and shoot. You won’t find much to get in the way of that here in the digital version. It’s even absent a viewfinder screen, digital or otherwise, lending your pictures the same amount of mystery you get from a roll of film. In this case, the mystery last as long as it takes for you to upload your pictures to a computer – no processing required. If this unsettles you, it’s compatible with a viewfinder accessory, but where’s the fun in that? Just pick it up, point and shoot.

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