The web moves fast. With everything available, all of the time, it’s getting more confusing trying to figure out what’s actually worthwhile for us to see. The Big Caption is proof that picture-heavy, Tumblr-style blogs aren’t all along the lines of Michael Buble Being Stalked By A Velociraptor (which, while being everything its title promises, wears a little thin by page three).

The general premise, at first glance, is simple. One picture, taken from the media, with a large caption thrown on top. However, it succeeds by going above and beyond on two levels. One is the quality of design. While these are not works of art, they’re also clearly not slapdash works put together in Paint by people with zero background in graphic design.

More importantly, it works because it has something to say – about politics, about responsibility, about our world. It’s not all as dour as that, of course. Sometimes, it’s a jab at the shirtless guy in the photo, and seemingly nothing more. But it’s by taking these news images that resonate with us because, deep down, we know they’re supposed to mean something and assigning them a meaning in bold, eye-catching type as if to say duh, it shakes us out of our stupor by making us laugh, cringe or, at its most successful, feel a very real something in our guts.

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