More as part of Adult Swim’s singles series, a video for Holy Ghost!’s remix of Drunk Girls features Portland kids acting out a cultural ritual: bike jousting. Have you ever seen someone riding these chopped-up-and-reassembled tall bikes? There was a small group of bike enthusiasts back home that threw these things together, a bike on top of a bike on top of a bike, and you’d see them pedaling around town 15 feet tall.

It’s a weird visual accompaniment to this disco-tinged version of the garage-rattling LCD Soundsystem original, but so were the panda bears. Give it a listen – the remix itself is great and doesn’t show up on their recently-released (and fantastic) Static on the Wire EP. The video is dedicated to the late Jerry Fuchs, a star in the NY music scene, who had recorded drums for this track before suffering a tragic elevator accident late last year.

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