Over the course of the last few years, The National have been on a steady path to becoming the best rock and roll band in America. And now, right after the release of their much-lauded new record High Violet and their first headlining performance at Radio City Music Hall, frontman Matt Berninger is finally ready to be mistaken for a terrorist.

Hey, it’s how you know you’ve made it — remember the Cat Stevens/Yusuf  Islam airport mixup a few years back? It seems you’re no star until you’ve been detained by airport security as a potential threat. Blame the Banpresto DangerBomb clock — at least, that’s my reasonable assumption based on Berninger’s description. I humbly submit Exhibit A:

“I had bought a novelty clock in Tokyo, some sort of MacGyver, goofball alarm clock that happened to look exactly like a bomb. And it was in my suitcase,” (Berninger) says, describing the memento he bought for a pal. “I had the Honolulu Airport evacuated for about 45 minutes. I ultimately had to surrender the alarm clock to the TSA but they were very pleasant and professional. They had done a great job and I thanked them and they let me go.”

While it makes for a great story with a thankfully happy ending, it would have saved Matt a hell of a lot of hassle to know he could pick up this goofball clock right here in the city. You live in Brooklyn, man. Come see us sometime!

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