The Rise of WeSC

Remember WeSC’s 2008 ad campaign Swedish Rebel by Vincent Skoglund, a very Scandinavian take on perspective. Take a closer look, these are not photoshopped collages, but actual, life sized people, props, and a toy helicopter. As far as we know, WeSC has been growing rapidly beyond their original apparel line, into the realm of electronic accessories, and making mad dollars along the way. I mean, Jason Lee’s been their spokesperson for a while now. These were also the rebels that first pioneered in collaboration headphones by putting musician/artists’ designs on the forefront of their very own WeSC cans. And now, surprisingly, WeSC is becoming a growing underground force in the headphone industry. They products can be seen on the streets of New York, LA, and on the shelves of Urban Outfitters among other random gifts (which do make them a little less cool).

Here’s one of WeSC’s newest collabo headphones for its 2010 Spring, with Stretch Armstrong.

For a limited time, AC Gears is offering 15% off on all WeSC headphones. March only, and use coupon acgwesc03.

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