From the lab of André Michelle, a flashcoder working from Berlin, let me introduce you to this week’s new timewaster. Although, can it really be considered wasted time if you’re doing something that seems, in a way, productive (making music)? Do you think my boss will buy that level of bull hockey; not only buy it, but cheer, guffaw, clap me on the back and reward my creative initiative with the offer of a pay raise or introduction into some dubious-sounding sort of profit-sharing program? Yes? No? Outlook Not So Good?


If you like that (have you clicked over yet? Do it! Click the buttons! Hear the blips! Taste the rainbow!), you’ll love this – a flash simulation of a vintage Roland drum machine. Oh, and by the way, I’m sorry to drop something so addictive on you in the middle of what seems to be a nationwide firing frenzy. Disclaimer: check this out, click around, make bleep-bloop tunes to beat the band; but please, by all means, do it discreetly. DISCREETLY, I SAY.

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