Did you catch this record when the news broke? Here’s the thing – I know I’m in the minority for not ever getting into The Grey Album that Danger Mouse put together, which was kind of the explosion of this whole Internet mashup phenomenon. While the color-theme concept was pretty clevel, The Black Album just isn’t a classic-status record. As a result, the whole thing fell a little flat, like it was mismatched. “Why don’t you mash with an album your own size?” But Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers? Now, that’s more like a hip-hop equivalent to The Beatles in the sense of full-on game-changers at the peak of their creative and commercial success. And the producer who dreamed this up just KILLS it.

Seriously, this record’s no gimmick. Tom Caruano, the producer, did something extraordinary with the Beatles samples to the point where it’s tough to single out individual songs at all. These are compositions in their own right, so it’s a shame that Capitol Records has pulled the plug. Yep, you used to be able to get it straight from the source, for free. Because of the sticky issue of Fair Use and Copyright Infringement, we’re left with this.


Do yourself a favor, though, and do a little creative web searching. It’s still out there, and it still wants to be heard.

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