Let’s talk about Javelin for a second. Javelin is from Brooklyn. Javelin may strike you as typical hipster B.S. with a capital B. The key, though, is that Javelin is also really, really fun; fun of the old-school, weird, dusty cassette tapes played through boomboxes at the block party variety.


I just saw these guys do their thing last night, and props to them – with only two people, one of them on the mic, and one of them bouncing around banging drumsticks, they manage to set it off. As of this interview last August, they were performing by broadcasting their sounds with an FM transmitter and setting up with 20 boomboxes all tuned to the same frequency which is TOTALLY AWESOME. I don’t know if that’s how they got their 80’s-jams-captured-from-space-and-rebroadcast sound last night, but it would make perfect sense. You can get some free downloads at their site, dollarbinsofthefuture.com.

The short URL of the present article is: https://wp.me/s3KoEv-javelin

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