59 Productions crafts live show for Sigur Ros frontman


I came up through high school listening to Sigur Rós, drawn in by their chilly arrangements, fascinated by that lilting voice that seemed to be speaking in tongues. Now that voice has gone solo – Jónsi, guitarist and singer for the band, is doing his own thing, and he’s doing it in English. 59 Productions is crafting his live show and going the full nine yards. Lighting, projection and animation – I can’t wait to see how this comes together.


The cardboard mockup of the stage set gives you a very limited preview of what’s sure to be a full-on, knock-out affair. Check out the song Boy Lilikoi at Jónsi’s site and keep up with studio video updates as the album release date comes closer. Also from the site, check it out below. This was filed under “Live Inspiration.”


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