This beautiful contraption spotted on Benedict Radcliffe’s site. I had to do some digging and, in the process, uncovered this great post by Animal New York (pictures theirs and Radcliffe’s) on the event in which it was featured – Joyride, an art event included in the Bicycle Film Festival.


Two cultures that seem to intermingle as it is (biking and graffiti) now have a tangible symbol of their alliance. Careful using that on the street, though, cause ‘graffiti bike’ brings one incident in particular to mind – this Wired article from 2007 gives a good rundown.


In summary, kid makes chalk-spraying bike. Kid starts website ( Kid is a mad genius, apparently, designing the website so that users could submit messages, which would transmit to his laptop via cellphone, which would transmit to his chalk-spraying device, which would spray said messages on the ground while he rode it during the Republican National Convention. None of it played out this way, though, because he got arrested in what amounts to a really messed-up situation. Bummmmmmout.

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