Nooka is on their grizzy these days, racking up collaborations about as fast as Weezy who, God help me, must be some sort of alien for how productive he is while knocking back Styrofoam cups all day of promethazine codeine cough syrup. Seriously. Try even saying that five times fast. Now try saying anything at all after having two Big Gulps worth of the stuff. How is this guy not constantly laid out prone position on the floor? Like, nice Nooka you got there, Weez, but how you still standing upright?


Anyway, enough about the pink/purple stuff. In more pressing business, Nooka’s dropping a collab watch in March with anime-inspired lifestyle brand Gommi Arcade. Keep your eyes open (yes, even while you sleep, like my creepy friend Kevin) because AC Gears itself will have something to do with this product launch. We’ll have more on that shortly.


Nooka’s also working with The W Hotel, with three watches inspired by one of three W locations – South Beach, Istanbul and New York – and will be available in limited numbers as part of their spring collection in-store and online.

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