Augmented Reality

James Cameron’s Avatar is turning out to be a timely, rumored-to-be-half-a-billion-dollars project. Augmented reality, a real-time, interactive, 3-d experience (sort of like, well, actual reality) has been popping up everywhere. Marc Owens, a designer-in-residence at London’s Design Museum, made this crazy piece of work which lets you see yourself as Continue Reading

Radiohead in 8-bit

[youtube: 540] A great find spotted on Secret Forts. Somehow, this makes a lot of sense. Stripped down to these 8-bit versions, you can still hear the beauty shine through. The title screen for Paranoid Android gets me thinking, too, about the possibilities in a Radiohead cartridge for NES. Can’t Continue Reading

The Ace Hotel NY

New to NYC, the Ace Hotel is the cool kid on the block. Between brewing up Portland’s own Stumptown coffee, stocking room mini-fridges with bottles from Brooklyn Brewery, letting Levis curate a suite, and serving as home for the soon-to-open-to-the-general-public Breslin, this place has got it all. Apparently, this includes Continue Reading

Design Your Own Shoe App

[youtube: 540] NikeID, the make-it-how-you-like-it wing of Nike, has a new app on the iPhone market. I’m not exactly up on the sneaker game (and, truth be told, never cared for the whole idea of a custom shoe in the first place) but this video nearly makes me re-consider. Bonus Continue Reading

Indie Bands Rejoice! Behold, It’s the Otamatone!

[youtube: 540] So Theremin‘s always been the alternative talking-piece instrument for Indie bands that needed extra special sound effects nothing else can produce. Now May-Wa Denki Japan has released Theremin’s Y2K Japanese counterpart – introducing Otamatone, the cutest instrument that produces the weirdest sound we’ve heard yet. Press and slide Continue Reading