The Rebirth of Polaroid

equip_15equipment at the Polaroid film factory, rescued by The Impossible Project

While on the subject of Wallpaper, there’s an interesting piece about Polaroid right now on their site that’s worth a look. Apparently, some aren’t quite ready to go quietly into the good night. As you might know, some time ago Polaroid shut down the instant film side of their operations, concentrating solely on digital and killing off a hugely nostalgic piece of camera history.


While others are ready to take Polaroid’s place with their own takes on instant photography (Fujifilm’s Instax stepped up to the plate nicely), it still didn’t seem right that a cultural icon this ingrained in our consciousness would simply stop making their trademark product.


Apparently, some dedicated fighters felt the same way. The Impossible Project is a collective of former employees dedicated to once again producing Polaroid instant film for use in vintage Polaroid cameras. Look for the film to come out again in 2010, and support their efforts at The Impossible Project’s site.

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