Augmented Reality in the print industry


We were talking about Augmented Reality not too long ago (Avatar just came out…anyone been yet? How is it?) and it looks like the print world is getting in on the game, too. Wallpaper Magazine’s new issue is AR-functional but, without a webcam here, I’m having to rely on some secondhand accounts of what in the world actually happens when you follow these cryptic instructions:
Apparently, the cover goes all 3-D on you and you can check out some shelves and whatnot from all angles. Cool enough, right? BUT WAIT. THAT’S NOT ALL. There’s AR all over this January issue with many more applications of this relatively new technology. What could it be? How is it used? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit of an AR’d-on. Those of you with a webcam hook-up, take a break from gyrating in front of it to Lady Gaga for two seconds already, grab a copy of Wallpaper and report back.

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