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I’ve been working on a new musical project for the first time in years, so every Sunday for the past few months we’ve been getting together, playing music and talking shop. This past weekend, we came around to the topic of the Kaoss Pad.


For our purposes, we’ll be running vocals through it, but it’s built to process all sorts of audio and musical instruments. What does it do? Pitch-shifting, distortion, delay, auto-panning – any way you want to seriously mess with your sound / blow minds / trip the light fantastic, and so on. The most recent version Korg’s been making looks like the thing up above.

But, as you can see from the top video, people are just too hard to please. I have a guitar. I have a Kaoss Pad. I will never be happy until I have put one of these things inside of the other. Like this.

Perhaps taking a cue from the Muse guitarist, who has had a Kaoss Pad built into his guitar for awhile now because he is a cool cat, this guy Phil (seen in the video, presumably) modded his guitar and posted instructions here. You know, if you feel like Martha Stewart-ing it.

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