So Theremin‘s always been the alternative talking-piece instrument for Indie bands that needed extra special sound effects nothing else can produce. Now May-Wa Denki Japan has released Theremin’s Y2K Japanese counterpart – introducing Otamatone, the cutest instrument that produces the weirdest sound we’ve heard yet. Press and slide on Otamatone’s Tail Switch to produce Otamatone’s unique sounds, and then squeeze its mouth to create vibrato. Now here’s something for all Indie bands out there to jump in and rock out with.

Information about Otamatone’s release has been circulating the gadget blog world since September. But the real news is that this awkward gadget instrument is now available at for $45.99. It will also be available for hands-on demonstration at AC Gears’ stores in New York. Playing with this elusive Japanese creation before anybody else, now that’s the real deal worth talking about.

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