The Unofficials

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Does that sound like a new Pixar flick about a superhero family? The point is, let’s make today ‘unofficial music videos’ day. The first is a fan-made video created for Brooklyn-slash-Austin rising stars Neon Indian, whom Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear just included as a ‘recent favorite’ on the playlist he compiled for designer Jeremy Laing runway show. The video pulls together some decidedly lo-fi footage, a fitting accompaniment for Neon Indian’s decidedly lo-fi pop approach, to create the perfect audio/visual soundtrack to the end of summer.

[youtube: 540]

Speaking of Grizzly Bear, here’s the other video, done with their single ‘Two Weeks,’ which is some truly inspired work from a guy named Gabe Askew. This is fully unofficial, but apparently endorsed by the band (Ed’s tweeted about it). Anyway, how could you NOT like this? And, as a postscript, it’s also tough not to love the following interview with the guys, excerpted below:

  • Chris B: I got a Nintendo DS a week ago.
  • Interviewer: How you likin’ that?
  • Chris B: I think it’s pretty fun. It’s very kid-y, but I like it.
  • Interviewer: well, that’s just like, Nintendo in general, right? I’m always like, well I gotta buy that, or the PSP and I’m nah, well I’m just not gonna get either.
  • Ed: I think none of us were feeling our video game spirits until we went on the road and we had a LOT of time to kill–and then suddenly, I made everyone pull over to Wal Mart and I was like, “I MUST buy Zelda and a Gameboy.” ‘Cause I was just like going crazy in the back of the car, just sitting there, for like, 10 hours across North Dakota–
  • Daniel: –well if you’d just talk to me…
  • All: [snickering]
  • Daniel: I’m HERE for you… I’ll have a conversation…
  • Chris T: Find out what’s inside of Dan!
  • Ed: There’s nothing to learn from you. [scoffs] Just kidding. You have a lot of inner beauty.
  • Daniel: …I CARE for you…
  • Interview: Portable gaming devices are taking away from the band as a family.
  • Daniel: How are we going to DEVELOP as a FAMILY?

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