I couldn’t be happier about living in the age of the food truck. It’s a simple truth of the universe that you can’t get a better taco than the one you purchase street-side, preferably from something on wheels, but it doesn’t stop there. From burgers to dumplings, it seems the food truck is here to stay (with one recent notable exception – R.I.P. Dessert Truck!).

In line with the times, Kitsune Noir just announced a contest for the aesthetically-endowed among us: download a template and let your imagination run wild with these papercraft taco trucks.  The only prize currently on-offer is a little shine on the much-trafficked blog (Bobby will post the 10 best submissions) but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few sponsors roll in last-minute with some extra-special swag. Click through to Kitsune Noir for instructions on how to download the template and submit completed entries.

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