Jason Schwartzman has a one-man band, something I wasn’t aware of until recently. For all I knew, he was still drumming for OC-theme-songers Phantom Planet (in between his little acting stints). Turns out that, no, he left that gig circa ‘98 or ’99. Oops.

With Coconut Records, however, he is still working from a similar songbook. These are songs from the West Coast, no question. Not life-changing records, but who really wants to change the world from the beach? Sometimes, life-enhancing is enough. Sometimes, you just want to knock off work, get on a board and ride.

Just ask the Gonz, who makes appearances on one side of the camera…

…and the other, here working his directorial prowess as Chloe Sevigny and the Schwartz kick back and enjoy the sun. Not a bad idea today…

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