Parisian Melodies


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I’ve said as much before, but I love a good mixtape. One from the recent past that deserves some shine: a little thinking-of-Paris collection dubbed Ceci N’est Pas Une Mixtape and artfully curated by Bobby of Kitsune Noir. If you’re feeling like the French Nas and been in a Parisian state of mind, this one found you at the right time. Have a coffee at an outdoor cafe, smoke a cigarette or two, and watch the day pass you by.


It turned me on, too, to Final Fantasy‘s violinist/songwriter/composer/arranger Owen Pallett with the track ‘The Dream of Emma and Cam’ — a renamed, reworked version of their previously released ‘The Dream of Win and Regine.’ Not only is this a great tune, but watching him perform is a whole other thing as you see him track his violin onstage, loop parts and play over them. The best way to get it? A video, of course. This one features a lilting, crowd-adored cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy.’

[youtube: 540]

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