The Whitney hosts Indie Rock shows

That’s right! At The Whitney! Featuring Abe Vigoda! Vivian Girls! And more!

My friend Dan told me about this after he got pulled into the first one by his girlfriend, which just goes to show that they are good for something after all. These are first come, first serve and free with museum admission as part of the Dan Graham: Beyond exhibit, which I would bet is really, really awesome.

[youtube: 540]

These are happening every Friday through July 31st, so don’t miss out. Tonight’s show features Abe Vigoda and Grooms. The series closer on the 31sr will feature Brooklyn band-of-the-moment Vivian Girls and These Are Powers. The bassist from that band was (well, probably still is) a regular at my old cafe and dropped off a copy of their cd for our in-house collection once because he is just a nice guy like that.

[youtube: 540]

dear god, the buttons…press the buttons!

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