Hearing colors


From Guitarati, via Murketing

So from now on, whenever you hear any music, try to feel a color. Do not force to see, but just let it occur to you. It might sound hard initially, but once you know how to do it, you are in for a surprise!

The idea is to further exploration of the color-music relationship, which Guitarati points out is ‘a concept that has been around for centuries.’ Explore the site and see for yourself. Pick a color that seems to fit your mood, and the site will direct you to a list of songs that ‘feel’ like that color. Quick side note: they charge $0.01 per song stream, so I’m curious to see how this business model plays out – as a recent book points out, “from the consumer’s perspective, there is a huge difference between cheap and free.”

synesthesiaClick to open video in a new window

But, anyway, that’s not the main point, which is ‘what is it like to listen to a color?’ Along those lines, take my word and set aside a few minutes for the short film above titled ‘Synesthesia.’

This comes from the creative duo Terri Timely, via Kitsune Noir. It depicts, with some perfect visuals, what happens when people process their sensations in rather unconventional ways: smelling music, listening to food, and so on.

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