Uniqlo Calendar and Tilt-Shift

The last time I visited the Met I came across a photograph of a train station that was shot using the Tilt-Shift technique – a technique in photography that creates images with extremely shallow depth of field. And by doing so, the shots almost look model-like or man-made.


One renowned photographer Olivo Barbieri (see above and below) has taken exceptionally interesting shots of famous locations all around the world using this technique.


Looks like the trend is on the rise, and for a good reason.

We bumped into Uniqlo’s most recent Internet campaign called Uniqlo Calendar featuring a very clean, nicely designed daily calendar that also provides local weather updates + time-elapsed, tilt-shifted photographs of places that you live in.

Brilliant! Another commercial product with built-in aesthetically pleasing art elements that we will not only gladly put to use, but stare at it hours on end.

PS. Last time we tried to download the calendar the website was stuck at 39%. You may want to come back later if it happens to you too.

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  1. caleb wrote:

    dope. my friend james does stuff that looks similar…a lot of these shots here are from my hometown in iowa


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