Cassette Tape Culture


I still browse the cassette tape racks when I hit the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Yeah, the odds aren’t great that I’ll get one that’s not corroded past the point of playability — not to mention, I don’t exactly cart a Walkman around with me, taped to the iPod. But what can I say? It’s a curious love affair.


First, because it’s still the most meaningful way to make/receive a true mixtape. Something about the inevitable hisses & pops, the way you’re forced to edit to fit on Side A/Side B, the difficulty of skipping tracks that forces us to quash our musical ADD. I could go on, but why waste words? We’ve made our love clear here at the shop with the USB Mixtape, which at least keeps the look if not the true (un)functionality of a cassette.


Can’t get enough? Check out Cassette Tape Culture for more unbridled tapey-tapes love. And go ahead — make that tape for the pretty girl in your creative writing workshop, you lovesick buffoon. She’ll love it.

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