Autumn Story Chalk Animation


I loved the wall animation by Blu, a large-scale project that spanned both indoor and outdoor walls in Germany and Buenos Aires, so I’m glad to see some more work like it. Thanks to my friend Tom Parks for leading me to this one.

Firekites, from Newcastle, is a primarily-acoustic collective. They recently released their debut LP ‘The Bowery,’ referencing not the rowdy stretch of NYC I know but rather an old destination coffeeshop/art space from their hometown.

‘Autumn Story’ comes from this record. Enjoy the song, which reminds me a bit of fellow Aussies Dirty Three (especially with that violin), and the video which is a gentler take on Muto, put together with approximately 1900 frames. No bugs, creepy crawlies, skeletons or cannibalism here. Instead, the animation starts with a little game of telephone. The whispered words then transform into a bird as both song and video take flight.

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