Ogilvy & Mather — a carnival office

The shop here is great, don’t get me wrong. But we’d have a rough time competing with this. What you’re looking at is Ogilvy & Mather’s expanded office in Guangzhou, China. Yes, this is a corporate office building. What in the world? O&M is an internationally-renowned advertising and branding agency […]

When Drinking From the Bottle is No Longer Cool

One of my favorite things over at Etsy.com is just browsing the amazing collection of handcrafted items people put up for sale. One of my personal favorites is the Red Stripe Recycled Glass Bottles blown into drinking glasses. These are handmade by a glassblower in Chicago and definitely make give […]

a couple music videos of note:

It’s just a good time of year for these, I suppose. First off, this one from Cold War Kids for ‘I’ve Seen Enough.’ Let the video preload on the site and then let your mind be blown. Billed as an ‘interactive video,’ you can mix and match the song as […]

Wall Street as Pompeii

I don’t normally mine this type of territory, but it is tougher to shrug off the fact that we’re in the midst of dark times. For some, “it’s a depression if we think it’s a depression” — and, true, it’ll take hindsight for historians and economists to properly analyze our […]

I’m so lonely…oh, so lonely…

Hi, Twitterers! We’ve just entered the Twitter world ourselves, but we’re still so new. 4 followers? Is…is that it? And…they’re all US? If this is a social networking tool, why is it that suddenly all I feel is lonely? Thanks to Lonely Tweet, you might still feel lonely but you’ll […]

Vincent Gallo in ‘Tetro’

A new film from Francis Ford Coppola with director, writer, musician, artist and recent H&M model Vincent Gallo in the starring role. These are two guys I always keep an eye on. Click below for the trailer, which showcases a film shot mostly in black-and-white with occasional hits of color. […]