Listening to last year’s Kid Cudi tape in anticipation of his full record coming out soon on Kanye’s label, I started noticing one sample pop up over and over again in my daily life.

I’ve played out Band of Horses‘ second record ‘Cease to Begin’ by now but had taken a late pass on their debut ‘Everything All the Time’ until hearing Cudi’s track ‘The Prayer.’ ‘The Prayer’ samples ‘The Funeral’ from that record to moving effect so, of course, I had to look into the original.

Then I started noticing it everywhere, including in this recent jaw-dropper making the rounds from Danny MacAskill, a 23-year-old street biker, who’s completely changed the rules of the game with this clip alone.

And Fully Flared‘s come up a lot lately so allow me to close it out with this clip from another game-changer, Guy Mariano, tearing through his FF part tracked to ‘The Funeral,’ as well as ‘Is There a Ghost’ from ‘Cease to Begin.’

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