Amadana Cell, Down with the iPhones

In the blah world of iPhone’s and i-Everything, it’s always refreshing to see a renowned company like Amadana Japan to launch a slightly understated, under-publicized product that emphasizes not only on the aesthetics of things, but the core functionality of things . The new Amadana N-04A for Japan’s Telecom company NTT Docomo, manufactured by NEC, is a super slim slider cellphone that weighs only 112g, and just a little bit over half an inch in thickness.

If you’ve ever landed your hands on an Amadana product, you’d know why people pay “good” (but not outrageous) money for them – sleek, and so well made – alas, the reason why we buy and own things. We have yet gotten the privilege to play with the new N-04A, but from the specs along – music player with SRS Surround Sound output, the core functions of a cellphone – dialing/receiving calls, and the sexy brown Amadana buttons (yes, buttons can be sexy), do make us forget about iPhone and its apps, just a little. Check out NTT Docomo’s Amadana N-04A page.

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