Artist Mike Mills on The Moment

The Moment, the New York Times Style Blog, had a brief chat with artist and director Mike Mills after his Strand appearance this past Friday. Mills was in town to promote his new book, Graphics Films, a career-spanning retrospective. What did the man responsible for the Root Down and Moon Safari covers (amongst many, many other iconic projects over the years) choose to do with his limited time in NYC? Go to the Met and have a meal at Kambi (we assume) Ramen House.

Okay, now spare us a minute to point out a few quick tie-ins:

1. This collection was edited by gallery owner/art curator/ANP Quarterly editor Aaron Rose, whom you can find featured in the latest issue of Wooooo.

2. Mills, along with Roman Coppola, is a co-founder of The Directors Bureau, a small group of influential directors of which the oft-mentioned Patrick Daughters is a member (along with Sofia, naturally).

3. Remember our post about the new wave of interior design publications? Mills’ living spaces have been featured in both Apartamento AND The Selby (you may also be pleased to find Aaron Rose’s Selby entry here).

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