New Season, New Earphones, Thanks Elecom!

We wait patiently every March/April and September/October for Japanese electronic companies to come out with new goodies that will make us go WOW. And we have a feeling that our and AC Gears customers will be just as excited when we bring in the newest series of Elecom Japan’s trendy earphones. Featuring 6 different designs from Japan’s super renowned graphic design companies – Power Graphixx (previous mentioned here at GEDDEM) and Rotterdam’s Doing (works include m-flo’s CD cases) – a total of 12 different designs. (Left 2 sample earphone images from Power Graphixx, and right 2 from Rotterdam’s Doing.) If you already know about Elecom’s fashionable earphones, then you should certainly applaud for their stepping up to support artists by incorporating design elements in electronic accessories. Now, these are some hot babies worth waiting for.

PS. Looks like the pricings should be very affordable too. Should make it states side no more than $29.99. Time to replace those cheapo iPod earphones.

[ via AV Watch Impress ]

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